Community Gardens


Into horticulture, fresh fruit and veg, and sustainable projects? A novice at gardening or equipped with a green thumb? Manchester has many community-driven groups who provide classes, organically grown produce, pots, plants and events, aimed at supporting local businesses and helping the people who live nearby.

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Platt Fields Market Garden is in Fallowfield. Run by MUD – Manchester Urban Diggers – the group aims to find sustainable solutions to problems with local food systems. As a non-profit, they work to provide all kinds of workshops to the community, and advocate for space to grow for all.

MUD encourages volunteering on site. Whether planting, tending, developing new skills, the team are warm, friendly, and accommodating. They provide delicious meals with the produce grown, and people can buy veg packages for home-cooking.

Hulme Community Garden Centre is closer to the city centre in Hulme. Established 20 years ago, their planting brings a diverse range of wildlife into the site, aiming to connect residents of the urban area with nature. Also non-profit, they like to share their experience with all, as do MUD, and also provide a wide range of plants for purchase. They’re always willing to share their combined knowledge of plants with all.

Several other projects run across the area, from the Incredible Edible Projects in Levenshulme and Fallowfield to Gleaning (an age-old practice of saving surplus crops to prevent waste) in many farms around the city (with transport required).

Manchester is full of green spaces and opportunity for all who wish to take part in gardening in all its forms, and actively encourages sustainable living. For anyone interested in cultivation, the city is a wonderful place to live and get involved.

Isabel (RISE intern) July 2020