Our Vision and Values


Our Vision is that Manchester Urban Cohousing (MUCH) will be a mutually supportive, environmentally friendly and sustainable co-housing community for people aged 50 and over in a suitable location in South Manchester.


We are committed to

  • creating co-housing which promotes our wellbeing and enables us to continue to thrive
  • being able to live in our co-housing homes for as long as we are able to sustain an independent life with support from each other and outsiders
  • creating a balance between our independence as individuals, and our interdependence as a community, designing personal and communal spaces to reflect these aspirations
  • creating a practical and beautiful place to live, both inside and out, which enables us to have opportunities for active and creative lives as we continue to contribute to our communities
  • having a positive social impact on the city and wider society, and to promote a change in the way older people are viewed
  • living sustainably and using renewable technologies and resources for designing, building and living in our community
  • managing and developing the project as a group – involving everyone in decision making
  • having respectful and caring actions and behaviour, appreciating that we may have different perspectives