About Manchester

Manchester is known for its vibrant history and culture. The bustling city centre, the abundance of green space and surrounding countryside provides something for everyone, all year round.

A city region of firsts – the first free public library in 1653,  the first steam powered mills in 1783, the first purpose built railway station in 1830, the first ‘modern’ computer in 1948 and the invention of graphene in 2010.

And of movements – the birth place of the worldwide co-operative movement in 1844, the suffragette movement in the early 1900s and becoming Britain’s first Nuclear Free City in 1980.

    And of festivals – the internationally renowned Manchester International Festival, the Jazz Festival, Poetry Festival, Manchester Irish Festival and more local Didsbury and Chorlton Arts Festivals.

    We love our vibrant city and believe it’s a great place to grow older. Choosing a site with good public transport links will allow us to continue to visit our favourite places